Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Beginnings!

Off the market... our house that is, because we own it!!! As of today around 12:30 we finished the paper work. And man I am so excited! First of all we get to live in a space over twice as big as where we are now (with a yard, which Brooks loves)! Secondly, because we no longer have to deal with the stresses of planning on buying a house along with running our normal hectic lives! Now all we have to do is move in and its "move-in-ready" so hopefully with help it will be done soon. People say you find out who your true friends are when you move so we will see ... ha! 
Today after closing. We were so excited and went to McDonald's to celebrate!

We drove by the house the other night and the sold sign was already in the yard, of course we were excited and took a picture!

 Our SOLD sign. Its ours!!!

Brooks was also in desperate need of a new dog tag because the phone numbers on his were no longer good and we got to put our new address on there as well. He is so excited!! but he has no idea what is going on. As we try to pack he will lay on all of the stuff try to make sure we don't forget him. Poor thing

Something to ponder......
A girl from my high school got this preciuous puppy a couple weeks ago and justin and i loved her! It is exactly what justin wants for his next dog coloring and everything! I think she is gorgeous. Anyways this girl contacted me and she is going to have to give her away and asked if we wanted her?!?! We were so excited... until we thought about everything we have going on in our lives and how busy we are. With a new house and already stressful lives (although I procrastinate by doing things such as blogs instead of studying like i need to be doing right now!) we don't know what to do. It is just too hard to decide and not the best timing. But this precious puppy needs a home and Brooks would love her! Help? I need someone to tell me!!!!? 
How can you tell her no!?

Sarah's PV church shower was this weekend! She got a lot of awesome stuff and it was gorgeous! Her wedding is getting so close and it is so exciting!!!!! Its nice to sit back for a change and watch and only have to worry about helping the bride (aka bring her punch when she requests) rather than stressing like Sarah is (I remember how it feels!!!!) But its so exciting!
MOM- She was one of the hostess
The Bride!!!!
The wedding girls!
High school friends!
Excuse the appearance (I was really sick in this picture) This is what I made Sarah for the shower. It was my first attempt at sewing and it turned out pretty good...until it falls apart that is. There is no guarantee on what I make. It was reversible too!

After the shower people started asking me to make them for their friends. Who knows I may quit school and start my own apron business (or not Justin would hate that idea!). I made 3 for Sarah's mom already, I'll show pictures later!

Well a lot of randoms and a lot going on..... Off to studying (hopefully)!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I need the weekend!

I need Justin home! Ever since we got the wonderful news that our offer on the house was accepted i have been going nonstop... Justin has been out of town for two weeks and I am in charge of holding down the fort! I have been in charge of phone calls and house inspections that I know nothing about. I just have to make sure I repeat all of the information word for word to justin so that someone understands! We have now completed the inspection and appraisal so we are one step closer to living in our home. We move in less than 25 days and have soo much to get done before then. Thankfully Justin doesn't have to go out of town again! 

I now look forward to the weekends. 
This weekend we got to go to Oaklawn and it was so fun. Justin and I both had many other things that needed to get done on Saturday, but we decided we need a day off even more and we took advantage of the weather. We won nothing, but we had a lot of fun and one of our friends won money so he paid for our food!

This is what justin does when he is home so I will
 be glad when he is done taking the CPA tests.

This dog keeps me company while my hubby is gone! I don't feel so lonely I just hate that I am the only one taking him on walks and having to get up when he is thirsty!

This weekend I got to go to Sarahs wedding shower in Benton! She got a lot of awesome stuff and it was so nice to get to hang out with my friends I never see. Her wedding will be so fun because we actually get to see each other!!!
I love my friends!!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

We are homeowners!!! Over the next month we will have a series of things to do and the list continues to grow. Perfect timing for justin... because he will be out of town for two weeks and i will be his designated Gopher! As long as all goes well in the inspection and appraisal then we close in the 23rd of this month. Along with school and work we are moving in 26 days.... here are some pictures for all to enjoy (or just Sarah!!!) these are pre- Simpson move in so it is all the current homeowners decorations but you can still see the layout!!!