Sunday, October 14, 2012

5 months old!

Oh my goodness!
My baby is 5 months old.
It has just flown by.
You weigh 14 lbs and wear size 2 diapers. We are fitting you in some 3 months clothes, but mostly 6 months now. We have a growing boy! It makes me sad to think about how fast time is going, but then I see how much more you are interacting and playing and it makes me so happy. You totally loves your momma and smile so big every time dad gets home. You will laugh for ever when Justin plays with you. You is really starting to recognize people and has his favorites for sure. Every morning when I take him to school, he sees the ladies in his class and just starts smiling. He tends to need alot of attention, but we know where that comes from. When I go check on him throughout the day they will have your seat or swing facing the teachers and they will be singing you songs. As long as someone is talking to you, you're great, but dont you dare stop talking to me! You have developed a huge interest in big kids too, like your older cousin!

You are getting better and better at eating rice cereal/ oatmeal and the other day his daily sheet said "lunch"! You eat rice twice a day and does great. We are no longer sitting still or staying where we place you. You are starting to sit up for a couple seconds at a time and are getting sturdier doing so. You roll all over the place, but really want to crawl. You stick your little booty in the air and fusses acting like you need help. You just cant get those arms to push up yet. You are so close to getting a tooth, you can see it, and hear it at night when you quit sleeping through the night... ha!
Look at that boy try to crawl!

You are still a great traveler! We took a trip to Silver Dollar City for a weekend with Dee Dee and G-Daddy and had a blast. We love taking you places like the zoo and pumpkin patch. You have had several colds, but for the most part are a healthy kid. You have missed catching all of the bugs that your mom has had which has been great for us, but not your mom. We are having to work really hard to slow down some!!
Your favorite toy... blankets, but you have really started to play with more toys too. So maybe you're like your momma and would prefer to stay in bed all day! You just loves brooks and presely and will stick out those cute fingers to pet them when they get close or wants them to lick your hands and feet and will just laugh. You love your new exersaucer and playing on the ground.

We just love you so much and love watching you grow!