Friday, October 2, 2009


Fall is my favorite season!!! It is very busy for the Simpson household though! This weekend we are getting to go with my family to a deer canin. We are taking the dogs and they will love having all the room to run! We have Justin's best friends wedding and showers along with a girls trip for me!! In between everything we have to squeeze uin our football and teaching in the nursery. I'm going to be worn out after October comes to an end! Happy Fall everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happenings Lately

School consumes my life!!! I look forward to sleeping at night... and thats how I get by day to day. I love working at the hospital and I have learned SO much, but it keeps me busy.

I love the Fall!
The weather is perfect and football is in full swing. We get to go to the Little Rock Razorback games plus a couple in Fayetteville this year! I just wish we could start winning a couple more games and not embarrass ourselves.
The end of summer also means puppy pool party!!! At the closing of the Maumelle pool they invite all of the dogs to go swimming. I am sure Brooks looks forward to it every year!! And it was Presley's first time to attend. She learned to swim and loved it once she could jump in. Heres some pictures of the party.
Our friends Jacqueline and Gus came too!
They got these cute bandanas for party favors!
Bring on the Fall... Go Hogs Go!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Show us your life- Reception

Our wedding reception was so much fun!! It was right next to our wedding site so we didn't have to go far! We had a local band Alley Katz come play and they were so much fun. Our whole wedding party and all of our friends really made the night memorable. Most of our flowers at the reception were done by my moms friends. My favorite part of the reception was our tents and the lights!
So my hubby is a Tennessee fan (annoying i know).

Our first dance was to "The luckiest" by ben folds- love it!!!

Ok so there are a lot of dancing pictures, but I just think they are so funny!

Getting my G-ma to dance
Shawn and Jacqueline the life of the party!
My dad was shaking he was crying so hard during our father daughter dance to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw. Of course I cried. He never cried so it was extremely touching.

Even my mom with her few dance moves got into it!!
Aww Katie one of my best friends I never get to see because there are many states in between us!
My mom sad I am leaving...
by the time we left our reception(which was much later than planned since we were having so much fun) it was pretty dark so you can only see the birdseed being thrown all over us. We had to pour out our shoes at the hotel!

Our getaway was the trolley- another one of my favorites!!!
I look forward to seeing everyone else's receptions and honeymoons!!!

Vote for our pups!!!

We have entered our adorable dogs in the AR democrat Gazette dog calendar contest!!! We could get them to be on January's page haha!!!! They could be movie star and you could all have their autographs! Vote for them.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I have so many things to be thankful for, but just to name a few....

I am going to be an Aunt!!! Woo Hoo. Not only am I going to be an aunt, but I am going to be the only aunt to a nephew, who will have 4 uncles!!! He's really going to be a tough kid. This will be my first time to be an aunt so in my excitement I got creative and made this little boy some shoes. He will not have cold feet! Right now they are trying to decide on a name. His middle name will be Lee which is a family name and his last name is Wilson. So any ideas for _____ Lee Wilson???
I am also thankful for my friends. I got to see the Rogers this weekend and had to much fun with them, but I don't get to see them enough.
I have some of the best friends even though a lot of us live far away from each other. I love those that live close too!!!

I am also thankful for my wonderful husband. He has been having to work a lot lately and is getting pretty stressed because he is now in-charge of most of the jobs he is doing. I don't tell him thanks enough so today and I gave him a little blast from his childhood and bought him some Jungle Juice! He always talks about having it when he was a kid!!
I am going to try and just get him little things that might make him a little happier at the end of a long day. Does anyone remember having jungle juice because I don't!!!!
His hair!!! eek
I blog way more on my breaks from school!!!!!


Justin and I got married on June 14th at Maumelle Park on the River. The wedding and reception were outside, just like I had always dreamed of when I was a kid! We had the most wonderful photographer Sarah Waller (with Crystal Goss) capture our wedding!
The site had a house where all the girls got ready. I have the best friends ever!

We had some of my moms closest friends help with the flowers at the ceremony site and the reception. We had a lot of hydrangeas in honor of my NaNa. they were always her favorite flowers and they are very special to our family because of her. We had flower drama the day of the wedding because all of the girls bouquets arrived the wrong COLOR~ It all worked out though because the day of I was carefree!!!
We had the NLR high school band play for our ceremony music. i loved every second of hearing them play before the wedding. now during the wedding I don't know that I heard much of anything!! They were amazing and so happy to be there.
I had seven of my best friend as my bridesmaids and then 3 of my other best friends as the house party. i am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!
Justin and the boys were interesting all weekend they were always up to something, but they were a big help during my "crazy" moments the big weekend.

Justin and his best friend Justin danced down the aisle to a surprise band rendition of "Rocky Top". He's a huge tennessee fan and he best friend was there to support him even though he dislikes TN fans!!! I am pretty sure everyone was entertained.
My uncle was the officiant and it was so special he could be there for us.
Our huge wedding party! and this doesn't even include our 5 kids!!
the reception was right next to the ceremony.
So much fun! We danced all night.

My wonderful family. My sister-in-law was the ever so helpful wedding planner (especially since my mother and I are procrastinators) We couldn't have done it without her.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

3 Down 2 to go!!!

Well I wrap up my last day at the nursing home today! I have now completed 3 semesters of school with only 2 left! I am so excited to graduate in May! My nursing home experience has been interesting to say the least. It was intimidating and hard to adjust to at first, but just as soon as you get used to something and start to really enjoy a place... your time is up! Thats the way the grad school world goes. I have met some incredibly hilarious and stubborn elderly people. They have taught me a new appreciation for life and the love their spouses often show is inspirational. I have definitely learned a lot about my job and about the love and zest for life. I hope I never become an old grouchy lady... I don't know where I will be placed next semester, but its always hard to really look forward to it. I know it will be a lot of adjusting and tiresome at first, but we will see!
On a happier note I have been "hired" to work another year at my GA site. I love everyone that works there and the kids are so incredible, so I am sooo excited. Thats at least one thing that will be constant. And I have a JOB!!! That means I contribute to the breadwinning right?!?! (It is really volunteer pay almost, but I don't care any little bit helps). So I continue to be gainfully employed and I am so glad that it all worked out.
Looking forward to a 2 week break before classes start again.... And just a cute picture of my

Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally a Break

I am done with school!!! For two weeks anyways! I have my mini summer break and today I took my last final. So... I have time to blog for once. the last month so much stuff has happen. We have made trips to Memphis to visit the in-laws, gone to weddings, had time to spend with our friends, and "home improvement days", but the most important was our vacation!!!! Over the Fourth of July holiday we were able to sneak away from our lives for a while and go with my parents to visit my little brother in Colorado.

We went hiking one day. Here is a pic of Justin and I in JR's territory on Mt. French.

We got to go white water rafting...
It was so much fun for the whole 8 hours!

We also went a train through the Royal Gorge along with shopping.

We got to go horseback riding... we had an amazing guide and got some pretty anxious horses so it was interesting.

Jeeping in the mountains... (it was so scary that
my moms blood vessels in her eye popped, that happens often when she gets stressed)

Our fourth of July was spent in Salida city park listening to amazing music! We had so much fun on our trip and it was really great to see my brother.
Vacations are so nice and very needed every once in a while!