Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Is It!!!!

Today is the day that I will finally graduate!! It seems crazy. I have been in school forever and that has been my occupation! i am slightly nervous to not be a student anymore, it has become my identity. I had to fill out insurance papers the other day and when I came to the occupation line I paused... what do I put?? I am a student... but soon to be a speech-language pathologist!!!! Amidst the anxiousness, I am soooo excited!!!! I have no more papers or tests to study for. No more tedious projects or busy work for EVER. (people say I should quit saying that because I may get my Ph D. but I am going to say it all I want now until I change my mind, which will more than likely be never!).
This is my family at my graduation reception. thank you so much for coming!!!

While my friends and husband all went through finding jobs and interviews a couple years ago, I have been doing it for the past month. Interviewing was a learning experience. I definetly learned where I didn't want to work and who didn't want me to work with them (Imagine that someone not wanting to hire me!?!?!). I also learned what population I wanted to work with and that is special needs kids. After a few interviews, I got a couple offers and after long discussions and not wanting to have to tell someone no (Justin said it would be hard to take 2 jobs :) I now have a job!! I am working at Arkansas Pediatric Facility and I could not be more thrilled!!! I have been there as a graduate assistant for the past 2 years a couple days a week and love it. I start Monday ahh!!! I will be a full time working woman.

I am going to miss seeing Katelyn every week. She kept me sane and helped me remember when I was supposed to complete everything!!
Today is graduation and my last weekend of unemployed freedom. My family is having a party and I am excited to celebrate with family and friends! I have already gotten a pair or gorgeous earrings from my in-laws and a camera from Justin!!! Woo hoo I am supper pumped!

Congrats SLP ladies!!!!!