Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I have time to blog because I'm on spring break!

Its been a month exactly since my last blog! A lot has been going on trying to get adjusted into our new house. Moving wasn't as bad and I made it out to be, but only because we had soo much help getting everything done. It was so wonderful. my Aunt and Uncle and our friends Amie and Joe helped us for two days and it was a huge help. And my brothers were there one night to help with all of the heavy stuff. We are so excited to finally be in and so far it has been wonderful minus some small broken things!
The whole fam in the new house!!!!

Brooks enjoying our dining room. He loves the house, it just took him awhile to get over the fact that he thought we were leaving him. The first night in the house he threw up and when we were moving everything out he was peeing everywhere and shaking he was so upset! But we are over that and now we cant get him out of the backyard!
Our Kitchen! So much bigger than the apartment.
So sweet! Carrying me into our new house! -my mom made him!!
A few pictures of the house!!!!! We still don't know what to do about decorating because we seem to have a modge podge of stuff and not much creativity!
Although our house is wonderful... we tend to have bad luck with other things we purchase. We bought a dresser when we first got married- it had a huge hole in the back like someone had stuck a forklift through it during shipping, we bought my apple computer- it had all sorts of problems and i had to get a brand new one, We bought our chest of drawers- the drawer was broken, our brand new dryer- needs a new computer and tries to dry clothes while its stuck on de-wrinkle (I didn't really install it so it has nothing to do with installer error or user error), and then our new TV during shipping got a scratch across the speaker! We just hope this luck doesn't cause there to be a hole in our roof. So far everything has been covered under warranty so it has been ok its just a huge hassle, especially when I have to be at the house to meet people to fix what they sent us broken!!!

Some friends one night this past weekend!!!

We have also been busy having friends over and meeting our neighbors. This weekend our friends Alan and Julie came and stayed with us from Paragould and Caleb came from Searcy! The gathering was for my friend Jacqueline that was "moving away" on a job transfer. We were all so sad she was leaving, but when she showed fro the party she announced she wasn't moving!!! So we had a faux party anyway!!! I am so glad she quit her job. I have the best friends.

The guys plus julie!!!
Maybe it won't be a month before I blog again!!!