Friday, August 20, 2010

Gettin around!!

Miles has a new love for the remote and is willing to work with to get it. He really wants to crawl... he just cant figure it out. i love this boy!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

According To Jim - Season 6 Moments

My husband as a movie star??? Everyone who watches "According to Jim" says that Justin is JUST like Jim. We have started watching the show sometimes and its true!!! Justin has the same attitude, view points and even mannerisms. It is so hilarious! I wonder if the show is about him!?!?! This is just some of the funny clips from one of the seasons. ENJOY!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A new member of the family!

For many years Justin has had something special in his life. Her name was Samantha and she could do no wrong.... She would rattle at drive-thru windows (extremely, embarrassingly loud), the back seat seatbelts no longer locked, the cruise control button hung down, the fog lights had fallen out months ago while driving down the interstate, the dash lights had gone out, if you open the rear glass it would fall, and you never knew what speed you were really going or how much gas you had. But Justin loved his car. He could handle all of her flaws and if I ever spoke of her in an ill manner he would say "she only acts up for you because you talk bad about her". The day came when her Air conditioning went out... probably the only thing Justin could not handle. He would get home from work in June and early July without a shirt and his shoes/socks thrown throughout his car. It was going to be FAR to expensive to get her fixed (over twice what she was worth). So we began looking.
Justin was upset, but I was thrilled!!!! After weeks of informally searching Justin had a day off and while I was at work he just brought home a car. YEAH!!!!! Justin was near tears when we had to leave Samantha with her new owners, which may have lead to a parts shop and then a dumpster (but we dont talk about where she ended up).

With no further ado I introduce to you "DINK". The best thing that has happened to me (since my job)!!!
Welcome to the family.

California Dreamin!!!!

We have returned from our summer vacationing/wedding attending/friend needing/break from reality!!! We got to see all the sights we wanted. Spend more money than needed. Eat more good food than anticipated. And returned to the wonderful state of Arkansas needing more sleep and more time... but we had a blast. It was a lot for Four days!
We shopped on Rodeo drive and got this!!!
Got to go to the beach and do this!!!
(me and Julie laid out while the boys swam and goofed off)
What wonderful friends we have that let us sleep on their floor and occupy their lives for a week!!!
We got to go to the Hollywood Hills and do this!!!
We saw them!!!

And Justin got to be a part of this!!!
It was a beautiful wedding and we feel so blessed to have been a part of it!!!
Hooray California!