Monday, June 29, 2009

One Year Anniversary!

Well... its a bit late but I'll post about it anyway! I have been super busy...
We went to Calico Rock for our weekend trip. We were able to take the dogs and have a fun weekend in a secluded cabin. It was nice to get away from our everyday lives. We went hiking and rented a movie for a change and even went to a rodeo!
Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Our cabin on the bluff!!!
On our way
Our hike
At the Rodeo
Our cabin
Sad to be leaving!
Our cake!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

So I am 11 days shy of being married for ONE YEAR!!! That is so nuts! I have been semi- freaking out because I feel wayyy too settled! Which I love of course... still crazy though. Well we will be celebrating our anniversary in 2 weekends at a cabin at Calico Rock with our pups! I have a lot to do between now and then. Such as get Justins gift... I have ordered it but I hope it comes in on time! His birthday is the next weekend so I need to get him 2 gifts. I do feel bad for him because he gets the shaft on his birthday since it is so close to our anniversary! Well hes wonderful even after 354 days!