Wednesday, April 1, 2009


 Its not the only thing, but definitely I am a sucker for puppies. Justin and I are always talking about our next dog. I am so glad I married someone who loves dogs as much as I do, without wanting to become a zoo (which if I would let him he would have a ton of dogs!). My boss told me the other day that she unexpectedly had a litter of Australian Shepard puppies (which is what Brooks is). They are just so adorable!!! In these pictures that she took, they are only 4 days old and their eyes are still closed.

 This is a black tri female. She will have brown on her although it is kinda hard to tell in this picture.
This one is a blue merle male just like Brooks. He is my favorite, but Justin said it would be weird to have 2 dogs that looks alike. I don't think so?? People can have 2 black labs or golden retrievers, whats different about Australian shepards?!?!

We still can't decide what to do though... We go back a forth. We want one so bad, but going to Memphis we would have 2 dogs to board or take with us. But we could maybe leave them in the backyard together for the weekend if my parents check on them? Brooks would like a friend during the day because he get bored, but we dont know if he would always want one. justin frequently asks Brooks if he wants a sibling, but we aren't sure what he is trying to tell us!!
Does he want a friend or is he too spoiled and would be jealous of the attention? not that he runs or lives or anything?!?!
Well for now we have time until the puppies are ready to go home. We will just have to decide soon!!!

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  1. haha you are funny! ive been waiting for you to post something!! get the puppy you want!! woo hoo!