Monday, July 27, 2009

Finally a Break

I am done with school!!! For two weeks anyways! I have my mini summer break and today I took my last final. So... I have time to blog for once. the last month so much stuff has happen. We have made trips to Memphis to visit the in-laws, gone to weddings, had time to spend with our friends, and "home improvement days", but the most important was our vacation!!!! Over the Fourth of July holiday we were able to sneak away from our lives for a while and go with my parents to visit my little brother in Colorado.

We went hiking one day. Here is a pic of Justin and I in JR's territory on Mt. French.

We got to go white water rafting...
It was so much fun for the whole 8 hours!

We also went a train through the Royal Gorge along with shopping.

We got to go horseback riding... we had an amazing guide and got some pretty anxious horses so it was interesting.

Jeeping in the mountains... (it was so scary that
my moms blood vessels in her eye popped, that happens often when she gets stressed)

Our fourth of July was spent in Salida city park listening to amazing music! We had so much fun on our trip and it was really great to see my brother.
Vacations are so nice and very needed every once in a while!

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