Friday, October 1, 2010


Justin is a CPA!!!
We had our good friend Meredith staying
at our house so when she checked the mail around 11:00 she let me know the letter had arrived!!! It was so hard to stay the rest of the day at work wondering and worried about what the letter said. We I got home and opened the letter I screamed!
We decided to just plan a surprise dinner for Justin and surprise him with the news as well. Justin was thrilled, but I think it took a while to sink in. Our good friends Andy and Meredith were able to celebrate with us.
This morning Justin was singing in the shower, that means I have a happy husband!!! He also took the afternoon off work to celebrate. That included taking me to lunch and then sitting on our couch to play playstation.
I am so proud of Justin and all his hard work!!! (Miles is too)


  1. WAY to GO Justin!!! We are proud of you! That means you can come visit me more!!!

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news! SO thrilled for you both. It's hard to be an accountant's wife while they are studying for the CPA :). You deserve a treat too! Yay for CPAs!

  3. Awww Yay, Justin!!! I'm so sad we couldn't come for the party! :-( We'll have to celebrate another time.