Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Treking!

Going away party! this past weekend we had a going away party for my little brother. He will be gone for the whole summer to Colorado. he's going to be a guide for wilderness trek. I am so jealous. it will be so fun but really hard work. We threw him a party and all of our family came and some of his friends.
 Here's my wonderful family!
Presley was so tired from playing with everybody. She crashed as soon as we got home!
I love my friends! julie and Alan got to come stay with us this weekend too! I was so glad I got to see them again, but its definitely our turn to go see them now! We got to hang out with Jac!!! its turned into a weekend ritual!!! If only she didn't work so we could play during the day on my short summer break. We played Rock band until 2 in the morning! We were really good. HA here are some pictures:

Have a wonderful memorial day weekend. I get to go to Sarahs weeding and then riverfest and the inlaws on sunday and Monday!!!


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