Monday, August 3, 2009


Justin and I got married on June 14th at Maumelle Park on the River. The wedding and reception were outside, just like I had always dreamed of when I was a kid! We had the most wonderful photographer Sarah Waller (with Crystal Goss) capture our wedding!
The site had a house where all the girls got ready. I have the best friends ever!

We had some of my moms closest friends help with the flowers at the ceremony site and the reception. We had a lot of hydrangeas in honor of my NaNa. they were always her favorite flowers and they are very special to our family because of her. We had flower drama the day of the wedding because all of the girls bouquets arrived the wrong COLOR~ It all worked out though because the day of I was carefree!!!
We had the NLR high school band play for our ceremony music. i loved every second of hearing them play before the wedding. now during the wedding I don't know that I heard much of anything!! They were amazing and so happy to be there.
I had seven of my best friend as my bridesmaids and then 3 of my other best friends as the house party. i am so blessed to have such wonderful friends!
Justin and the boys were interesting all weekend they were always up to something, but they were a big help during my "crazy" moments the big weekend.

Justin and his best friend Justin danced down the aisle to a surprise band rendition of "Rocky Top". He's a huge tennessee fan and he best friend was there to support him even though he dislikes TN fans!!! I am pretty sure everyone was entertained.
My uncle was the officiant and it was so special he could be there for us.
Our huge wedding party! and this doesn't even include our 5 kids!!
the reception was right next to the ceremony.
So much fun! We danced all night.

My wonderful family. My sister-in-law was the ever so helpful wedding planner (especially since my mother and I are procrastinators) We couldn't have done it without her.


  1. Super cute pictures! I love your flowers and your DRESS!

  2. I love black & white photos.
    I love the color and the style of the dresses. Very nice.
    And your flowers are so beautiful.
    Everyone looks gorgeous!

  3. i love everything! it looks like a beautiful wedding!

  4. loved seeing the pics again and reminiscing about your beautiful wedding!! you were such a pretty little bride!! cant believe it was over a yr ago!!