Monday, August 3, 2009


I have so many things to be thankful for, but just to name a few....

I am going to be an Aunt!!! Woo Hoo. Not only am I going to be an aunt, but I am going to be the only aunt to a nephew, who will have 4 uncles!!! He's really going to be a tough kid. This will be my first time to be an aunt so in my excitement I got creative and made this little boy some shoes. He will not have cold feet! Right now they are trying to decide on a name. His middle name will be Lee which is a family name and his last name is Wilson. So any ideas for _____ Lee Wilson???
I am also thankful for my friends. I got to see the Rogers this weekend and had to much fun with them, but I don't get to see them enough.
I have some of the best friends even though a lot of us live far away from each other. I love those that live close too!!!

I am also thankful for my wonderful husband. He has been having to work a lot lately and is getting pretty stressed because he is now in-charge of most of the jobs he is doing. I don't tell him thanks enough so today and I gave him a little blast from his childhood and bought him some Jungle Juice! He always talks about having it when he was a kid!!
I am going to try and just get him little things that might make him a little happier at the end of a long day. Does anyone remember having jungle juice because I don't!!!!
His hair!!! eek
I blog way more on my breaks from school!!!!!

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