Saturday, January 30, 2010

Making the best of the little bit of snow!

When we woke up this morning we had another inch of snow! nothing compared to what people have in Northern Arkansas but we decided to make the best of it! My parents live about 5 miles from us and they have better sledding hills. Since the roads were impassable... wecouldn't even get out of our driveway and we had seen others try... we decided to walk. We got our dogs and a backpack with Justin's computer (so he could work some), water, and candy ha just incase we got stranded I guess! Well needless to say about an hour and a little over 3 miles, slipping and sliding the whole way, my dad decided he could come get us!!! Here's us in the middle of our journey having fun!!
The pit stop where dad picked us up.
We went to the place we got married to go sledding. We knew no one would be there or have messed up the hill and we were right. We had a blast!
We talked Katherine into coming too!!
I hope everyone had a good Saturday!!

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