Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow Day (or Ice)

Todays a snow day so no school for me!!! Justin went in to work this morning and after 15 minutes he headed back home. No one was in the office so he brought work home for the day! The pups were happy to have him here even though there is really no snow! They keep begging to go out and eat the ice and then beg to come back in, in about 5 minutes when they are too cold! I want snow though! And would be perfectly fine with being snowed in all weekend!!! Too bad that doesn't happen in Little Rock.

A lot of things have happened since my last blog! We have a new nephew!!
Miles Lee Wilson! He is so precious. He is about 5 weeks old already.
Here's the fam at Christmas! We all got to be together on christmas day this year!!

Here's Justin's surprise that I made! It is a t-shirt quilt out of all our club t-shirts!
The girls took a day to go to Oaklawn on opening weekend a couple weekends ago! I of course did not win anything, But Adrianne did!!! We had fun even though we knew nothing! We learned a lot though and by the end of the day we at least knew what bid we were making!
Here's one last picture of precious Miles! He loves me! I need a good name for him to call me now!

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